Skillet at Naval Station Great Lakes, IL, USA on July 3rd, 2017

By Coren McLeod

ROCK WHITE & BLUE with 95 WIIL ROCK at Naval Station Great Lakes had the American Christian rock band phenomenal Skillet closing the night toward the Independence Day 2017.

I have been a fan of Skillet for a very long time and this was my first time seeing them live. Their music is very rock influenced. However, it’s the inspiration behind each song which has helped many get through tough situations.
That is why it was so important to me to attend this 4th of July celebration. In the week and a half prior, I personally experienced a medical scare that sent me to the emergency room. I was completely horrified with the burning fact I may not be able to do what I love anymore if what I went through if it was to turn out to be an on going issue.

I was in the audience witnessing the smiles on everyone’s faces. I stood there, taking pictures and pondered “What if this is it for me? What if this is the last show I attend due to my health?”

I was scared, upset and overall sad. I was overwhelmed with all sorts of feels, but I had my excellent group of friends there to cheer me up.

In all, Skillet put on a powerhouse of a show and I loved every minute of it. I love taking photos.

And an update: I am being careful… However, my scare was just that: a scare…. I am still rocking and have the best people in my life to thank!

So, always keep your energy positive. Keep the music loud and your friends close!

Feel Invincible
Whispers in the Dark
Sick of It
Back From the Dead
Awake and Alive
Not Gonna Die
Those Nights
The Last Night
Out of Hell
The Resistance

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