An Acoustic Force at the Hollywood Casino’s Center Stage., Aurora, IL USA–August 26, 2017

by Anita Maree Brodersen

A few weeks ago Unrated Magazine scored an exclusive interview with the talented singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze as he embarked on his summer tour across the U.S.

Anita Maree Brodersen for UnRated Magazine (UR): Lee, thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with Unrated Magazine. First I have to say what an incredible voice you have and your songwriting is just growing in leaps and bounds! You have such strong songwriting skills that I want to start the interview asking who have been your musical influences growing up that have steered your career in the writing process?

Lee DeWyze: I think Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens had a large influence years back when I started writing music and lyrics. I listened to every Paul Simon record and saw him many times and was really drawn to his storytelling aspects. That is my favorite part of music – storytelling and connecting with people.

Your song “Paranoia” is one of those deep haunting songs. This year you shot a video for it at the Shawshank Prison Chapel. Can you talk about how this happened?

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze: I am a huge fan of the movie Shawshank Redemption. While I was touring I had a day off in Ohio and we decided to go to the prison just for fun since my manager and I love the movie and we wanted to see it. As we get there I brought my guitar and we brought a video camera. We walked around and saw the chapel. Next thing you know we are in the chapel with huge cathedral ceilings and with an amazing acoustic sound. It was one of the moments that felt real good. Next thing I know I am booked for a show in the Shawshank prison right in the chapel and I will be doing an all acoustic set featuring fan favorite songs, brand new songs, and my new release “The Breakdown”.

I want to talk to you about your new single “The Breakdown”. The lyrics really hit home to everyone who has lost out in a relationship. Can you tell me more about this song?

Lee: I have never said this yet …but let me break this down for you! Ha! Sorry I have wanted to say this for a week and you are the first one I did this to! But to get back to the song, “The Breakdown” is about realization and opening your eyes to things you didn’t before and preparing yourself for the struggles and the inevitable end we all go thru in relationships – should I stay – should I go. There is a line in the song where I sing “How nice of you to take your time. Out of sight, out of mind” and whenever there is a break-up there is always someone who is hurt a little more than the other. Whether you know it or not you are always preparing for the breakdown when things are nearing the end.

So true. Will there be a new album soon released soon?

Lee DeWyz

Lee: I just signed a deal with a publishing company and I have been really focused on my writing and we wanted to get “The Breakdown” out there first as a teaser and this song showcases where I am at musically in my career and we are excited on this release which is getting super reviews. It is going to be really exciting for my fans to hear this song and my new music.


Lee, really looking forward to your upcoming tour. We will see you on the road and we look forward in hearing your new songs!

Lee is on an acoustic tour this summer and his fans came out to the Hollywood Casino in Aurora, IL to take in a night of his soulful music. As his fans waited patiently, Lee took center stage with his guitar and performed many of his songs including, “West”, “Same For You”, “Let Go”, “Learn to Fall”, “Stone”, and the catchy “Oh My God”. His haunting vocals just take over each song. Hearing his new song with such expressive lyrics “The Breakdown” is a hot glimmer of the road Lee is traveling on. To break it down – Lee’s career is burning bright!

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