KISS shows Aurora they can still play small venue

RiverEdge Park Aurora IL, USA 8-20-17

Review by: Jake Warkel

KISS is In Aurora IL for the first time in their career and they are playing a smaller venue then they’re accustomed too it’s not quite a sold-out crowd tonight but it sure looked and felt like it.

The fans lined up early in line today to get a good spot and a chance to be up front for tonight’s show as it is a general admission outdoor venue along the Fox River. As they let the fans in it was a bum rush, people were running like crazy actually knocking into others and getting a bit crazy as security had to settle some people down.
There was no opening band which was great considering if there had been there would have been a good chance the KISS show would have ended early since storms rolled through about 15-20 min after they finished.

The crowd got louder as the curtain started to readied KISS. Once the curtain dropped KISS kicked in with “Duece” as their first song of the night and wasting no time with another classic “Shout it out Loud” as the first two songs the band was hamming it up for the photographers the two songs went really quick before you know it photographers were out of the pit. Paul’s voice already seams worn out as he spoke to the crowd there wasn’t much power it sounded pretty raw weak raspy. All the songs Paul Stanley sang tonight weren’t bad but definitely not all there.

Kiss by Jake Warkel

Kiss by Jake Warkel

Gene Simmons ran through the motions doing his usual fire spitting at end of “Firehouse” as well as spitting blood during his bass solo. Eric Singer was great on drums and vocals tonight. Tommy Thayer done his job as being a solid guitarist tonight. The energy that KISS brought tonight just had the crowd all fired up.

KISS brought Veterans up on stage and honored them as the whole venue said our Pledge of Allegiance together which was cool. Then KISS had a little surprise by the Mayor of Aurora IL by giving KISS the key to the city. Paul Stanley received the key from the Mayor took some photos with the Mayor shook his hand and thanked him and the city of Aurora   IL for the gracious honor.

KISS continued performing like they always do being the showman that they are with pyrotechnics explosions, confetti, streamers, and Paul Stanley smashing his guitar you know the typical KISS concert. KISS tonight kicked ass it was a very good show unfortunately, Paul couldn’t fly out into the crowd like other shows because this venue is not structured for that. This venue the RiverEdge is definitely an awesome place to see a show, I highly recommend it. It would be great if KISS made it back in the future to this great venue.

2)Shout It Out Loud
3)Lick It Up
4)I Love It Loud
5)Love Gun
7)Shock Me
8)Guitar Solo
9)Flaming Youth
10)Bass Solo
11)God of Thunder
12)Say Yeah
13)War Machine
14)Psycho Circus
15)Black Diamond
16)Rock And Roll All Nite
17)Cold Gin
18)Detroit Rock City

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