William Patrick Corgan – Ogilala Tour Are you Set

Athenaeum Theatre Chicago, IL, USA, October 25 2017

By Jake Warkel

Last of the two shows here tonight in Chicago for Billy Corgan or should I say William Patrick Corgan, the voice and creator of the Smashing Pumpkins. The theatre choice was actually a great decision as the acoustics and sound in that theatre were amazing, great little venue not as big as I thought it would’ve been, the vibe and feel reminded me of the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles Il both very impressive theaters.

Corgan’s two nights at the Athenaeum Theater October 24 and 25 are in support of his upcoming solo album “Ogilala”. The album “Ogilala” was released on October 13. The album was produced by reinvention guru Rick Rubin at his Shangri La Studios in Malibu, Ca.

William Corgan (credit: Jake Warkel)

Corgan entered the stage with great applause from his home town fans, as Corgan gave some in the front some hand slaps and bowing and waving as he thanks fans for coming out to the show this evening while seating now behind a piano to start the show. This show is not at all a rock show, this show was Corgan behind a piano and an acoustic guitar with some occasional harmonica playing as well while William Patrick Corgan plays new songs off of “Ogilala” album for the first 40-minute set before intermission.

The first set was everything Corgan wanted to play his new album the way he wanted to strip down and raw like the album. I feel Corgan’s singing has actually grown, he sounded like a man that has worked hard to do the best and make the best out of his new album “Ogilala” I enjoyed and like the everything about the first set and the new album live. I don’t have a favorite song on the night for the first set but I dig them all live. Corgan sept time behind the piano, as much as time behind the acoustic guitar.

I personally was not wanting or expecting a second set with just Corgan like the first set. No drums no other instruments or players just Corgan. Yes it sounded great, but I myself was done with the piano and acoustic guitar for all the hits that were played the second set. I was bored to death for the second set, but then again Corgan; I feel is doing what he wants, and what makes him happy, rather it pleases all fans or not I don’t think he cares. This show sucked compared to the show a year ago, Corgan had at the Lyric Opera House of Chicago. The show a year ago by far was a show that was one you had to be at and I can’t say that what’s so ever for this show one bit.
If there is one thing I could take away from this, is sometimes don’t try too hard to change.

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