An Interview with Chicago’s Own Werewolves At Hour 30

Werewolves at Hour 30 are happy to announce that their self-titled WAH30 EP is now available for downloading and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, Tidal and many other online music sites and applications.
WAH30 is a 4 piece original rock band from Chicago, IL. Frontman James Duich and lead guitar player Anthony Defilippis met and began writing music nearly fifteen years ago. Through the years, they have evoked a bond of musical styling that flows into the songwriting of WAH30. Two years ago, a jam session would create the applied named first WAH30 song “I Start Fires.”
Art Wito’s hard hitting drums created a rhythmic backbone for the layered guitar and hypnotic bass lines. Recently, bassist Andrew Mishler of Kinda Good/King Garbage joined the group to round out the rock quartet with his own thunderous brand of bass fuzz.
“We wanted to create something unique,” says Frontman James Duich. “There’s a lot of rock out there, there’s a lot of metal out there, but we’re something a bit different. We can groove, and you can dance to our stuff. We hate classifying ourselves, because all our songs are different, but I guess I like to think of our style as a love child of Thin Lizzy and Queens of the Stone Age.”
“I’m not sure the guys would agree,” James joked “but we’ve been compared to everything from Foo Fighters to Royal Blood to Fall Out Boy, you just learn to go with it and take it as a compliment.”
Brian Shamie of the Daily Herald has called WAH30 “soulful, catchy and groove-rocking”
The band’s full length LP is currently in production, and their summer concert series in in full swing. Look for upcoming WAH30 shows and info at or
Werewolves at Hour 30

Werewolves at Hour 30

I am always down to go out and seek out local talent.  On Saturday, August 6th, 2016, I had the chance to see a festival that was only 10 minutes away from my place!!!  KC’s Cabin in Spring Grove, Illinois was the place to be to witness a full hard core, rock/metal show to the fullest!  The band, Greywall, from Antioch, Illinois arranged this amazing event with bands that would literally kick your ass and make you love it!  The Z Chord, The First Rule, Mississippi Stranglers, and Werewolves At Hour 30 completed the heavy lineup that made many fans want to head bang all night.

I had the great opportunity to speak to a band that truly impressed me that night.  Werewolves At Hour 30 (or as the cool kids would say #WAH30) got my eyes open to a great sound of dense, talented guitar playing along with very worthy, well written lyrics.
After a long day, it was a relief to relax with my favorite gin and tonic and hear some fucking great rock music.  Once WAH30 was done with their set, I simply asked for an interview and you could say the rest is history.
So, here is the interview I did that night for all of you to enjoy…
  WAH30 is for sure a band you want to catch on tour…  (Check their website and Facebook for tour info.)  Their set is very high energy with some smooth groves thrown in for flavor.  Thanks to James, Tony, Andrew and Art for their time.  And let us all #Howl…