Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie
Northerly Island, Chicago, IL
July 3, 2017

Janet Pellegrini

A cool misty July evening along Lake Michigan seems fitting for a duo comprised of an Englishwoman, McVie and

Buckingham & McVie

Buckingham & McVie

guitarist from LA, Buckingham.  For all the star power these members of Fleetwood Mac rein in they came on stage much like session musicians, unassuming and humble.  Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie went straight into their 1st acoustic set with “Trouble” with a warm recognition from the audience.  Buckingham’s voice was strong and happily familiar.  How they maintain that unique instrument that is their voices since the inception of Fleetwood Mac in 1967 is a mysterious and impressive.

It was just McVie on keyboards and Buckingham on guitar for the first few songs keeping the set low keyed and sultry.

From the demographics of the audience it was natural to start with their iconic Fleetwood Mac songs to bring back our collective soft rock memories.  Wish You Were Here, Never Going Back Again, Shut Us Down gave us a taste then they moved into their newly composed songs to feature their June 2017 release of Buckingham McVie…does he ever give the other singer top billing? ala Buckingham Nicks album…?

Lindsey then dialogued with the audience telling us of McVie’s request to rejoin Fleetwood Mac after a 15 year hiatus.  They collaborated via internet between Los Angeles and England then decided to bring it all to the studio and cut their new album.  The tour to showcase their duo, is just another part of the fractured history of Fleetwood Mac.

Their new songs include Feel About You, In My World, Too Far Gone.  We awaited a return to some Fleetwood Mac songs and were not disappointed, when they launched into a string of the; Little Lies, Tusk, Love is Here To Stay, Red Sun, You Make Loving Fun, Go Your Own Way among them.

All told would we be there if not for who they are collectively with Fleetwood Mac?  Whether fair or not, its what brings us to the concert and the sound of something missing, namely Stevie Nicks, Mic Fleetwood, and John McVie was ever present throughout the show.

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