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Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI, US , November, 14, 2017

Sofi Tukker By Ken Kulpa

Save your pennies, cash your pop bottles in, get a second or third job but do yourself a favor and score a ticket to the Odesza’s 2017-A Moment Apart Tour, you will not regret it.

Sofi Tukker one of the opening acts on the Odesza tour is taking the dance scene by storm with its unique sound, and its infectious lyrics.

This New York based duo, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern met as seniors while they attended Brown University. Call it serendipity but I would like to think the stars and the moon were lined up just right, I would say it was fate that these two met.

Their song “Drinkee” which appeared on their first EP in 2016, Soft Animals. Was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category this year, they lost out to the Chainsmokers. But, you can bet your last dollar that eventually they’ll get that Grammy and many more awards in the years to come. The lyrics are sung in Portuguese, which she studied at Brown University. They come from the Brazilian poet Chacal whom she met at a workshop while attending Brown.

Sophie Hawley-Weld was born in Germany, spent her youth in Canada and Italy she also lived in Brazil. Her initial plan was to move to Brazil, teach yoga and do her music but things changed when she met Tucker.
It was their senior year that they met each other at an art gallery. She was playing acoustic bossa nova music in a trio and he was DJing after their set. He remixed one of her songs on the spot that night, she loved it and they’ve been collaborating ever since.

Tucker, 6-foot 8 inches Boston native was a NCAA prospect. He thought basketball was his life’s calling but as anyone knows life doesn’t always work that way all the time. He contracted the Epstein-Barrs virus which made him bed-ridden for eight months. During that down time Tucker taught himself how to produce music, which really helped in his next endeavor.

My Best Friend” they’re latest song is being used on the Apple I phone X commercial, it’s had an unprecedented 9

Sofi Tukker (credit: Ken Kulpa)

million views in the first two days of its release. The song has an addicting feel good sound to it with a catchy hook that I can’t get out of my head. They brought in some of their close friends to help on the track, The Knocks, Nervo and Alisa Ueno.

As they were introduced Sophie and Tucker jogged out onto the stage to a tumultuous ovation from the 2,000-plus crowd. Sophie didn’t waste any time in getting the crowd motivated, she didn’t stand still for a minute.
At one point she jumped off the 5-foot stage into the photo pit, climbed up over a 4-foot barricade and then jumped into a sea of sweaty bodies. The young teeny-bopper girls in attendance surrounded Sophie, as they danced and sang along with her. Their 45-minute set flew by, the crowd and I wanted more. For their last song Sophie grabbed her guitar and started playing that simple riff that I have fallen in love with at the beginning of “Drinkee”. The crowd went crazy.

I walked out of the venue in awe of these two-artist, they’re going to be “HUGE”.
“My Best Friend” that song keeps playing over and over in my head, oh well, it’s a good thing.

“I think that I’ll keep loving you, way past sixty-five
We’ve made a language for us two, we don’t need to describe
Every time you call on me, I drop what I do
You are my best friend and we got some shit to shoot.”

“Got some shit to shoot” E mail
(I typed this in as a joke)

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