The Make America Rock Again Tour
Sideouts Bar & Eatery, Island Lake, IL, USA: August 26, 2017

By Coren McLeod


The end of the summer is a time where I just want to enjoy what is left of the season. And with that, I make it essential to witness a lot of outdoor festivals as possible.

I’ve had the opportunity to cover the The Make America Rock Again Tour a few times. The tour was making a stop in a town which was only a 20 minute drive from me.  Sideouts Bar & Eatery in Island Lake, Illinois is your run of the mill hang out bar with a back lot used for volleyball.  However, on this night in August, it was used to bring people together to rock!

I was the most excited to see the ever impressive Adelitas Way with the phenomenal front man Rick DeJesus. With his charming swagger, sultry voice and honest lyrics, Adelitas Way has made its way to my heart. Rick introduced the audience to a new song called “Notorious…” Which was perfect considering the Mayweather vs McConnor fight was happening later that night.

Trapt has been on this tour a few times. You can expect a true to rock show with their most popular hits being played: “Headstrong,” “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?” And “Echo.”

Drowning Pool was the absolute stand out for me. They literally took the crowd from a 2 to a level of 10. People were moshing. People were throwing the goat and it was all sorts of right on every level!

The Make America Rock Again Tour will be coming to a close soon. However, get your ass out to see this ASAP. Before you know it, summer will be gone and so will this tour… #cheers


The Make America Rock Again Tour 2017 hosted Scott Stapp; Drowning Pool; Sick Puppies; Trapt and Adelitas Way.

Adelitas Way

Drowning Pool

Sick Puppies




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