DED Interview at the Apollo Theater, Belvidere, IL , USA, Dec. 01, 2017
DED Photos from The Forge, Joliet, Il, USA, Nov. 21, 2017

Interview by Coren McLeod

Fresh Metal AZ rockers DED released their John Feldmann-produced debut album MIS•AN•THROPE on July 21, 2017 – featuring hit singles “Anti-Everything” & “Remember The Enemy.” This led to tours with Korn, Stone Sour, Animals As Leaders, Pop Evil & more in 2017, along with sets as nearly every rock festival in the US.

Be on the lookout for Ded’s next single & catch them on the road with In This Moment & P.O.D. beginning in January.

For audio interview with photos can be found at UrRated Magazine YouTube

Considering the kind of year Arizona’s own DED has had, one could describe it as #badass…

I had the best experience when I was able to hop on the trailer and get a 15 minute interview with all the members of the #hardcore metal gods themselves DED.

I got to speak with the guys about the past year, how their 1st album was produced, what it was like to work with Fred Durst and why we were dancing to the Vega Boys..

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