Product of Hate - Buried in Violence (2016)I love supporting local music especially when the band has some balls behind their bite.

Kenosha, Wisconsin’s own Product of Hate has a distinctive sound of thrash metal with a touch of hard core thrash metal. The five piece band has sharpened their musical skills and has toured with greats like Lamb of God, Meshuggah and Job For a Cowboy.

Product of Hate is ready to take their debut album Buried in Violence (2016) out to the masses which was be released on February 5th, 2016. This hard hitting album was mixed and mastered by James Murphy. Product of Hate consists of Adam Gilley (vocals), Mike McGuire (drums), Mark Campbell (bass), Geno Rathbone (guitar) and Cody Rathbone (guitar).

I had the chance to ask these guys a few questions regarding their release, any plans on touring and what karaoke songs they like to sing when they have time off. Here is what happened…

Coren E. McLeod: First question, how did you guys get together?

Mike McGuire: Cody and I were in a previous band together, and we knew Adam from being in bands in the local scene. We’d hired Mark on what was thought to be a temporary basis, and then Cody recruited his brother, Geno. Gene has the chops! That was 2007, and we’ve been together ever since.

Coren: I did listen to the album and thought it was great. I heard a couple of different influences like Drowning Pool, Non Point…. What are some of your influences on the epic album?

Geno Rathbone: Thank you for checking it out! Those bands are certainly great at what they do, and Adam sings “Bodies” at karaoke every time he goes, but they’re not even close to influential for what we do in our songwriting.

Mike McGuire: Lionel Richie is more of an influence. Seriously, though – Pantera is a big one across the board for everyone in the band.

Geno Rathbone: I personally don’t listen to a ton of metal right now, but Michael Schenker and David Gilmore of Pink Floyd are influences on my guitar style, as well as Dimebag. Put those three guys in a blender.

Adam Gilley: Ozzy Osbourne, Corey Taylor, there’s too many to note on vocal range.

Coren: How do you guys come together to write songs?

Geno: Cody and I come up with the riffs, then we get together with Mike to work on arrangements. Then Mark will come in and put his stamp on things, and finally Adam will write the vocals and we’ll all work on placement.

Mike: Then we sit on the floor inside a pentagram and light the candles [laughs].

Coren: What is your favorite song on the new album Buried in Violence?

Adam: “Monster” and “Kill. You. Now.” are ones I like a lot.

Mike: It’s cliché, but it really is like choosing a kid.

Geno: It is, when you’re so close to them, you can’t pick favorite.

Coren: What is your favorite city or town to play?

Geno: We’ve only done one North American Tour so far, and that was last year with Allegaeon and The Agonist, so there’s still so many places that we haven’t played that we’re looking forward to visiting. Surprisingly, the best shows for us on that tour ended up being in Canada. No matter where we went, whether it be Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa – the audiences were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic.

Coren: What can we expect from you guys in 2016? Tour?

Mike: We’re road-ready, and expect life on the road to be our reality for a very long time to come. We should have the next tour announced shortly, and we’re hoping to visit Europe in the Fall. Fingers-crossed on that!

Coren: Anything you would like the UnRated readers to know about you guys? Any weird habits among the members?

Thanks for taking the time to check out a new record by a band that few people have heard of sofar! A weird fact? We actually own a tour bus, but are afraid to use it. So we’re pulling a brand- new trailer behind a 2003 Ford Econoline.

I do have to say I was highly impressed with Buried in Violence! By Product of Hate ~ Coren E. McLeod

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