Nine Inch Nails Riot Fest 2017 

Douglas Park, Chicago IL : September 15 2017

Review By: Jake Warkel 



 Tonight here at Douglas Park Riot Fest 2017 is in full form as crazed fans are stoked to see NIN take the stage. Trent Reznor and his band mates instantly had the crowd right out of the gate with Branches/Bones, instant mosh pit ensued has you felt the energy on how this night will play out.  The band fed off the crowd instantly as well as the crowd fed off the band. 


When the musicians can get the crowd vibe going and energy up it only makes the musicians stronger and perform better as they get more energy built up themselves from old songs to new songs Nine Inch Nails killed tonight as the Headliners on this Friday night here at Riot Fest 2017.    

Trent Reznor played guitar most of the night on most of the songs.   

 Trent Reznor played a tribute to David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” from his final album Blackstar in 2016. It was a great performance and tribute to Bowie the way the keyboards and guitar complemented each other was excellent.  

Trent Reznor has changed over the last twenty years he is definitely a way more mature performer on stage and not the vulgar destructive guy on stage he once was.  I’m sure being a family man and a sober guy will make you a bit more calm. I can take this mature Trent Reznor any day but it’s also funny, how much I enjoyed the loose cannon Reznor of old on stage.

This night Reznor paid his respects to both Ministry and New Order as both bands played earlier and were NIN inspirational bands. All three of these bands play with such raw energy that makes these bands great.   

I loved when Reznor threw his guitar up and let it crash to the stage floor at the end of “Head Like a Hole” to finish the main set.  

Robin Finck’s guitar solos and performance was all what was to be expected.   With the time keeper Ilan Rubin’s drumming kept the band tight and in the pocket.  Tonight was outstanding and with the heat in the mid 80’s it was a hot night with all the bodies out in full force watching Nine Inch Nails have one hell of a performance.     

  NIN finished the night off with a killer 3 song Encore:  

Somewhat Damaged”, “The Day the World Went Away” and “Hurt” First night of Riot Fest 2017 was a complete success filled with passion, energy, aggression and talented musicians. Most importantly the fans brought it tonight with all the moshing, bouncing, jumping, screaming, singing, and non-stop energy.  


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Nine Inch Nails at Riot Fest 2017 Setlist 



Less Than 

March of the Pigs 

Something I Can Never Have 

The Frail 

The Wretched 


(with “The Only Time” interpolation) 

Copy of A 

Gave Up 

I Can’t Give Everything Away (David Bowie cover) 

The Background World (live debut) 


The Great Destroyer 

Burning Bright (Field on Fire) 

The Hand That Feeds 

Head Like a Hole 


Somewhat Damaged 

The Day the World Went Away