K-Flay at Pittsburgh’s X-Fest, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, September 9, 2017

On Sept. 9. I had the chance, to interview and photograph, a new and upcoming artist name K.Flay. She has been around for a few years. I saw her first time a couple of years ago at the House of blues in Chicago.  And she was wonderful.  I could not wait to see how she had developed with her career. I had a chance to catch up with her, during her radio show in Pittsburgh X-Fest.



Some of the key points we talked about were:

  • Her starting her tour with Imagine Dragons
  • Growing up in Illinois
  • Her dad being a musician and how that affect her upbringing
  • Getting screwed by her first record company
  • Comparing your first record deal to  your first marriage
  • How she has empower herself
  • Working against Trump with Billboard help
  • Her future of her being a podcast star
  • “The Earth is melting”
  • “We are not into climate change.  We are into climate wisdom”

K. Flay

Highly Suspect