Jimmy Eat World and Incubus at The Hollywood Casino

The Hollywood Casino, Tinley Park, IL, USA July 29, 2017

By Coren McLeod


Being a young adult growing up in the 2000’s, I was truly trying to find my way with this thing we call life…  At the age of 21 years old, I was heading off to school (Illinois State University to be particular) and I was ready to finally get started with my future.

And with that, I was heavily influenced with a few bands which were very hot in the rock rotation on popular radio stations.  I happen to really enjoy the sounds of the ever changing sound of Incubus with Brandon Boyd on lead vocals.  Jimmy Eat World had a fun, energetic sound which got people to truly dance to their music while still enjoying a fresh beer.

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World

On July 29th, 2017, I got to witness these two bands in person in Tinley Park at the massive Hollywood Casino Amp Theater.  With the weather being 82 degrees that day, I was so looking forward to witnessing both bands considering the two had new albums out.  Jimmy Eat World came out with a fierce drive of new songs from “Integrity Blues…”  The leadoff single “Get Right” being played that evening has the typical formula Jimmy Eat World is known for:  great guitar riffs, massive amount of vitality and an overall steady rock performance that gets the entire crowd on their feet…

I had an incredibly large  smile on my face as I was in the audience just dancing to favorites like “Bleed America,” “Pain,” “Sweetness,” and the closer “The Middle.”  This was my second time seeing Jimmy Eat World live and I have to give this band two big thumbs up…  I love what they offer to the music industry and proving 9 albums later that they still kick some major ass!!!!

As the lights dimmed and an overwhelming silence came across the arena, I wanted Incubus to be on stage.  I saw this astounding group back in 2001 (When Brandon was sporting a much shorter hair cut…) so, needless to say, I am a fan…  Not only did I have the “privileged” (see what I did there?) of reviewing this show, I was also in the photo pit getting spectacular shots….  (Can we say humble?)



I was off to the side patiently waiting to dive into the pit to get my photos of each band member of Incubus.  The band started off their set with the song “Glitterbomb” from their latest album called “8.”  When I see Brandon perform, I feel like it is almost a religious experience.   He is mesmerizing to look at with a very tall and lean frame.  However, when he sings, the passion is still there.  Whether he is feeling hurt or particularly happy, it shows in his moves on stage and across his face.  For as long as Incubus has been in this music business, it is phenomenal to see the “drive” is still there….

One thing I will have to admit, when I am in the photo pit, I am really interesting to watch.  I tend to dance yet I still get at least 500 photos taken within 3 songs.  I was in aww of being in the pit for “Anna Molly,” “Love Hurts,” and “Megalomainac.”  These 3 songs shaped what my mid 20’s was highly influenced by.  The lyrics that come from this band are beyond anything I could write.  You have one part of being true and very honest.  Yet, on the other part, you get a very creative imagination that tells a very good story…

The stand out for the night was when Incubus broke out into “Wish You Were Here” and incorporated the 1970’s classic from Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” as the outro.  What a moment to share with thousands of people…

In all, Incubus brought what their fans love about them:  fierce vocals, hypnotic DJ sounds, “stellar” guitar and cut throat drumming.  I loved hearing “Dig,” “Pardon Me,” and “Nimble Bastard.”  The crew ended the night with “Warning” and the entire audience was in sync with every word being sung.  The guys did not disappoint as they came back on stage to perform “Aqueous Transmission…”  What a fantastic way to end the night….


In all, thank you to Jimmy Eat World, Incubus and Live Nation for this experience.  It was a great way to end the month of July!!!!!  #cheers

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