Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP), ShineDown, and Sixx A.M. 2016 TourPeoria Civic Center – November 19, 2016 – Peoria, IL, USA
Review by Larz Cothern

Peoria, IL didn’t know how Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP), ShineDown, and Sixx A.M. would absolutely rock the Peoria Civic Center to the ground! This was my 1st time seeing Sixx A.M. and they did not disappoint!

Sixx A.M.’s frontman James Mitchell took command of the stage, and Nikki Sixx (bass), and DJ Ashba (guitar) proceeded to take the crowd on a journey of rock music, and self-discovery. Sixx A.M. had just released their new album entitled “Prayers For The Blessed” on Friday November 18th, and introduced everyone in the crowd to their amazing sound. A highlight of the night was DJ Ashba, (originally from Illinois), thanking his family and friends in the audience, and also giving Five Finger Death Punch’s frontman Ivan Moody the guitar he was playing as a gift!

Next up was Shinedown; I have attended a few of Shinedown concerts, but this show topped them all. Brent (lead vocalist), Eric (bass), Zach (guitar), and Barry (drums), explained to the crowd that they intended on making this show one they would never forget, and they succeeded. Their stage show, included pyrotechnics and fireworks that would make legendary bands like KISS nod their head in approval, mesmerized fans throughout their set. From the beginning of their set, until the last song, you could tell that Shinedown was determined to give the audience everything they had, and leave the crowd amazed, and wanting more.

Our headliners were up next, the band that personally helped me with my weight loss journey. Their bass guitarist, Chris Kael, helped me get my endorsement with Spector Bass Guitars. This was the 4th time seeing Five Finger Death Punch and by far their biggest stage setup. Lasers were flying through the stadium, guitarist Jason Hook being lifted in the air over the Peoria crowd 20 feet in the air, and Jeremy Spencer’s drum kit rising up about 15 feet in the air, all this gave fans sights and sounds that would never be forgotten. FFDP’s frontman Ivan Moody provided his signature anger driven vocals with comedic commentary between songs.

At one point during FFDP set, Ivan Moody noticed someone had thrown their shoe on stage. Moody proceeded to ask the crowd, “…whose shoe is this?” Later finding out that same person had actually thrown both shoes! Moody joked about it and tossed the shoes back into the crowd.

Chris Kael (credit Larz Cothern, 2016)

Chris Kael

Lead guitarist Jason Hook amazed the crowd with his signature intense guitar playing, and rhythm guitarist Zoltan Bathory added his signature sound, and dread-locked head-banging that fans have come to expect! Last but not least, my buddy, and bass guitarist, Chris Kael, lead the charge of the Kael Army, with his signature beard banging, and low end sound. I always enjoyed being able to spend time with Kael when I get to see Five Finger Death Punch; he made sure this show was never going to be forgotten. Chris Kael personally had a left handed version of his signature Spector Bass guitar made for me; and on this night he would finally get to see it in person. Kael signed it for me and along with his bass pick and hospitality. Kael proved, without a doubt, to be the most gracious person I have ever met.

If you get a chance to see Five Finger Death Punch in concert, do not miss it!!!


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