Brad Paisley: Weekend Warrior World Tour With Special Guests Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant and Lindsay Ell

Hollywood Casino Amphitheater – Tinley Park, IL: September 23, 2017

By Shelly Hernandez

It was the last country summer concert of the season in Tinley Park, IL and boy was it HOT!!

With temps reaching 90 degrees during the afternoon and not much cooler when the doors opened at 6:00 PM.

Lindsey Ell started off the evening at 7 PM.

Followed by Chase Bryant at 7:30 PM, who was not happy with the heat…………it was messing up his stylish hair.  He would later be teased about that on stage by Brad Paisley, but that didn’t stop Chase from putting on a fantastic set.  It didn’t stop the country girls from screaming, singing and dancing alongside of him either.  By the way, your hair still looked great Chase, no complaints!

Next up, at 8:10 PM the unstoppable Dustin Lynch.  Who doesn’t love a small town boy like Dustin?  (see what I did there) After his set-up date back stage with Alabama from Chicago’s BIG 95.5, Dustin was more than hyped to take the stage, forgot all about those still 80+ temps.  Dustin had everyone partying, found a guy in the crowd, dubbed him the concerts “spirit animal” and invited him on stage to rock out.  But he didn’t want it to end there, he wanted another guy to shot gun a beer, when the first guy didn’t fully participate, he found a big, sleeves torn off his flannel shirt, country boy that did – even refilled his beer glass after the classic chug and told him his glass would stay full ALL NIGHT LONG.  Great show Dustin, can’t wait to see you again soon.

Oh but wait, it gets better!  Just after 9:00 PM, it was time for Brad Paisley.  If you have never seen Brad Paisley

Brad Paisle (credit: Shelly Hernandez)

live, you are definitely missing out on a great country concert.  Brad came out singing one of my favorite Brad Paisley’s songs “Last Time for Everything” while his music video that features pictures of Brad growing up played the in background , I don’t  think there was a person there that didn’t know every word to this song.  Brad’s stage set included an on-stage bar, where some lucky guests got to sit, watch the concert and enjoy ice cold beer.  Brad also brought out members of our Military branch’s, knelt to honor them and had another bar on the stage set up for them to also enjoy the rest of the concert and have a much deserved drink!  Just when you thought this down to earth, family loving, country boy couldn’t get any better – he sees a young girl holding up a sign for him letting him know it was her first concert ever.  He stopped the show.  Took the sign which also included a picture of her baby sister at home, who’s name middle name happened to be Paisley.  Brad then signed the guitar he was playing just moments before and handed it to the little girl, told her to learn to play and to teach her baby sister one day too!!!  With tears in her eye’s she took the guitar and everyone went crazy………..can’t get over this guy, a heart of gold,  he is simply the best.

Brad went on to question the Chicago crowd on who has the best Chicago style pizza, his wife says Chicago Uno but Brad disagrees and has to go with Giordano’s – pretty much everyone shouted and agreed with Brad’s choice.

The night went on and on and just continued to get better.  Bringing back Chase Bryant on stage to tease him about his heat challenged hair and Dustin Lynch to sing “I’m still A Guy”.  Note to the ladies in the crowd, don’t let Brad and Dustin take your cell phone during the show, of course they will add to your snapchat story, which is pretty awesome,  but they are also going to tease you about all your phone apps.

Moral of the story………..this was a great way to end the summer.  Super hot night with some amazing country artists!  Definitely one of the all-time best concerts at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater and a perfect end to summertime fun.

Thank you Brad Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant, Lindsay Ell and Live Nation for letting us cover and review this event.  Until next year………..

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