Author: Melanie Falina

What The Fans Want: An Interview with Venom Inc.

Interview with Venom Inc. conducted at Reggies Rock Club, Chicago, IL, USA, September 8, 2017 Interview by Melanie “Sass” Falina Although fewer mantras ring truer when it comes to a band ‘doing it all for the fans,’ saying so can often just sound trite – particularly if the band is simply talking the talk without walking the walk. But one band who truly takes the needs and wishes of their fans to heart is metal’s own Venom Inc. After having fallen off the radar for some time, it was the fans who refused to let Venom music die, and...

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Venom Inc. Join In the Fight Against Cancer

An interview with Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and drummer Abaddon of Venom Inc. Interview by Melanie Falina As most lovers of music will tell you, it’s at the hardest times in their lives that music matters the most. Sure, going to concerts with friends is great, as is bringing home (or downloading) that new album by a well-loved artist. And laughing and having a few drinks among loved ones with tunes ablaze can create some of the best memories in a lifetime. But it’s the struggles, the tear-shedding, anxiety ridden days and nights when we turn to the music...

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Stryper to bring their To Hell With The Devil Anniversary Tour -Interview with Michael Sweet

Any band who’s been around for awhile and is considered ‘good’ by the masses will most likely have a few albums that are thought to be better than all of their others. But every once in awhile lightning strikes and a group will put out an album that just blows everything else away. An album that is played for the first time and floors even the most jaded critics – – – one that will become the backdrop in the lives of countless fans – – – and one that becomes a signature chapter in the history of that...

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