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Venom Inc. Join In the Fight Against Cancer

An interview with Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and drummer Abaddon of Venom Inc. Interview by Melanie Falina As most lovers of music will tell you, it’s at the hardest times in their lives that music matters the most. Sure, going to concerts with friends is great, as is bringing home (or downloading) that new album by a well-loved artist. And laughing and having a few drinks among loved ones with tunes ablaze can create some of the best memories in a lifetime. But it’s the struggles, the tear-shedding, anxiety ridden days and nights when we turn to the music...

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Stryper to bring their To Hell With The Devil Anniversary Tour -Interview with Michael Sweet

Any band who’s been around for awhile and is considered ‘good’ by the masses will most likely have a few albums that are thought to be better than all of their others. But every once in awhile lightning strikes and a group will put out an album that just blows everything else away. An album that is played for the first time and floors even the most jaded critics – – – one that will become the backdrop in the lives of countless fans – – – and one that becomes a signature chapter in the history of that...

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Not just about comics anymore – an interview with Charlie Benante of Anthrax

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante to appear at the Days of the Dead Chicago – November 18-20, 2016 at the Chicago Schaumburg Marriott By Melanie Falina Despite the fact that the thrash metal group Anthrax has been putting out great music and kicking ass for thirty-five years now, there’s another pretty cool fun-fact about some of the band’s members – – – and that’s their passion for things like comics and horror, things that a great many fans of their music are also interested in. With Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian having made appearances on AMC’s The Walking Dead made up as a...

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Humbled and honored – an interview with Stryper’s Michael Sweet

By Melanie Falina Originally published May 10, 2012 Stryper has been on the scene since the hair band era but were atypical because of what they sang about. In the days of Motley Crue’s”Shout at the Devil” and Slayer’s “Hell Awaits,” Stryper was singing “To Hell with the Devil.” And although there were naysayers going all the way back to the birth of the band in 1983, Stryper’s melodic power vocals, soaring guitar solos, and solid rhythms converted many a metal fan, Christian or not. Still going strong in 2012 and with a slew of new releases on the...

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Extreme Intentions an Interview with Philip Anselmo

Extreme intentions – an interview with Philip Anselmo By Melanie Falina Originally published July 14, 2013 There are a myriad of images that come to mind at the mention of New Orleans vocalist Philip Anselmo. The most prominent of which being Pantera – songs like “Walk” and “Cowboys from Hell” have become very poignant anthems in the lives of many metal heads. Pantera remains among the grand-daddies of influential American metal bands with a timeless sound and vibe, and can still kick the butt of not only many of their original peers, but also the heavy hitters of today. Down and Superjoint Ritual – another couple Anselmo projects each having earned their own respect and followings, each one a force to be reckoned with. And then there are the other projects of Anselmo’s from Arson Anthem to Christ Inversion, from Southern Isolation to Eibon to Viking Crown. Anselmo’s tireless and unrelenting creative juices combined with his ability to express himself in an array of musical styles that range from metal to thrash to punk have made him somewhat of an artistic chameleon. Madonna’s got nothing on Philip Anselmo. And now, as a further testament to creative expression, Philip Anselmo is releasing his first ever solo effort, Walk Through Exits Only. Due out on July 16, 2013, Walk Through Exits Only is a ferocious, eight-song release that will rip the...

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