Month: January 2018

Olivia Lane Interviewed at Schmitts Saloon in Morgantown, WV on April 7, 2016

Olivia Lane what is next By Daniel Locke If there’s one thing that stands out about Olivia Lane, it’s her pure, unbridled energy. It’s reflected in her big, dynamic voice; in her performance, which bursts with passion and levity; and by her simple presence, which can dissolve you in laughter and make you grin from ear to ear. Not every day does an artist come around able to so effortlessly meld a freewheeling spirit with poignant, inspirational songs and an irrepressible drive, but Lane’s one of them. Because she knows as well as anyone how easily music can inspire...

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Haydee Irizarry of Aversed

Haydee Irizarry of Boston Melodic Metal Band Aversed Talks to Unrated Magazine By Dan Locke Aversed is an extreme melodic metal five piece hailing from Boston, USA, striving to weave a hybrid of brutality and elegance for all fans of heavy music. Their musical style couples dark, smooth clean vocals and classic death gutturals over thrash and death metal riffs, combining progressive and soulful melodies with the abrasiveness of extreme metal. Their debut EP, “Renewal” was released in 2016. Unratedmagazine: How did you join Aversed? Tell me about the development of the band? Haydee Irizarry: Aversed had been a...

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Black Mamba Talks with UnRated Magazine

Black Mamba Out  Look for 2018 Interview take place December 20, 2017 By Dan Locke Black Mamba is a female fronted Rock band from Viterbo (Centre of Italy). Coming from different music backgrounds, the band has developed on stage a unique kind of Rock performance building a high energy shows extremely technical and musical. When it’s not on stage playing songs from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Foo Fighters, the band is working on the production of the first unreleased album, Heritage was released in December 2017 ⚡ Black Mamba Heritage – Grab your copy 🎵 GRAB YOUR CD /...

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Ruby Boots – Don’t Talk About It

Ruby Boots talks about her new album “Don’t Talk About It” Interview done on January 10, 2018 By Daniel Locke   Nashville-based, Australian-born artist Ruby Boots has signed with Chicago label Bloodshot Records and will release her label debut Don’t Talk about It on February 9th, 2018. Pre-order on CD, digital, or transparent orange/gold vinyl LP here. The album was recorded at Modern Electric Sound Records in Dallas, TX under the watchful eye of talented producer Beau Bedford (Paul Cauthen) and features Lone Star-bred collective and studio wizards The Texas Gentlemen as the backing band.       Unratedmagazine: Tell me about your background. How did you get...

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